The Brazilian edition of Radio France Internationale interviewed Antonio Santana in a podcast that can be listened to in Portuguese here or in video form below. If not, here is the accompanying article, translated automatically.
CD of instrumental works played by Daniel Propper (piano), Anton Martynov (violin) and Mark Drobinsky (cello)
Sacred music for tenor, choir and orchestra
Concertante piece for cello and piano, dedicated to cellist Mark Drobinsky
Suite in four movements for violin and string orchestra
Piano pieces for children, inspired by memories from Brazil, fairy tales and various atmospheres...
On Thursday May 13th 2021 at 7pm a virtual concert took place live on Facebook from Antonio Santana’s music room in Versailles. The concert was dedicated to Antonio Santana’s music and cellist Mark Drobinsky and pianist Daniel Propper performed the […]
The second movement of Antonio Santana’s “Summer Suite”, Saudade, was created in Kazan, Russia on March 21st 2021 by sublime violinist Graf Mourja (Third Prize in the Tchaikovsky International Competition, Monte Carlo Violin Master in 2010) and the Primavera Orchestra. […]
Dear friends, It gives me courage and strength that there are so many of you following my journey. Due to the redesign of the website previous entries are no longer available, so here is a little retrospective on some important […]
The symphony suite Voice of the Oceans played on March 7th, 2020 at 8:30pm at the Sainte-Trinité Church in Paris by the Briansk orchestra directed by Edward Ambartsumyan, Daniel Propper and Jérôme Granjon (piano), soprano Blerta Zhegu, and Mark Drobinsky […]