CD compilation of instrumental works played by Daniel Propper, piano, Anton Martynov, violin and Mark Drobinsky, cello.

Booklet in French and English - Recorded with the composer in Studio 4′33″ at Ivry-sur-Seine between October 23th and 26th 2014 - Sound recording and editing: Laurent Pélissier - Art director: Bruno Gousset


  • The Voice of the Amazon, violin and piano
  • Minha infancia, cello and piano
  • Beija Me, cello and piano
  • Brazilian Suite, cello and piano : "Toada", "Lamento", "Rala Bucho"
  • Lullaby, violin and piano
  • Scheherazade, violin and piano
  • Mystical pieces, piano: "Feast day in the temple of Delphi", "Dialog with the sky", "Burning bush", "The soul's bliss in the light", "Zarathustra's prophecy"
  • Initiation ceremony in the vestal virgins' temple, cello
  • The pilgrim's caravan, cello and piano
  • Solitary ballerina, violin and piano
  • Vocalise em memoria de um anjo, cello and piano
  • Johann Sebastian Bach's garden, cello
  • A fleeting impression, violin
  • Burlesque pastique in the form of a tarantella, violin and piano