On Thursday May 13th 2021 at 7pm a virtual concert took place live on Facebook from Antonio Santana's music room in Versailles.

The concert was dedicated to Antonio Santana's music and cellist Mark Drobinsky and pianist Daniel Propper performed the following works:

  • Three melodies transcribed for cello by the composer: Minha infancia, Melody in memory of an angel and Beija me
  • "Mystical Suite" in five movements : Feast day in the temple of Delphi, Dialog with the sky, Burning bush, The soul’s bliss in the light, Zarathustra’s prophecy
  • "Brazilian Suite" in three movements: Toada, Lamento, Rala bucho
Mark Drobinsky and Daniel Propper live from the music room in Versailles

Hundreds of viewers connected from more than a dozen different countries enjoyed this beautiful moment and virtually clapped for the artists. 👏👏👏

Here's the replay: